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Rachel's Wish 2022

Supporting AYA Oncology Child Life at CHOC

Supporting AYA Oncology Child Life at CHOC

Rachel's Wish was that we could continue, keep life "normal" and moving forward. Diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma at 20, she put her life on hold but wanted her husband to continue; going to school, working and spending as much time with her as possible. That momentum is what kept him going until she passed away 14 months later. Without the help of others, he could not have been there for her or kept his promise. Rachel's Wish is to help those who have gone through hardship and find they need a hand up. A way forward. To be their best when life has dealt them it's worst.

To add to the survivorship resources and opportunities provided by The Richard C. and Virginia A. Hunsaker Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Child Life Program, Rachel's wish is a scholarship designed to relieve financial barriers to achieving educational aspirations. This annual award provides financial relief to a CHOC patient or closely related individual who exemplifies a desire to further their education but may be facing challenges that prevent them from achieving their dreams.

Your support of Rachel's Wish affords even greater opportunity for this deserving population. Your gift is a tutor for high school junior who missed out on a year of schooling due to their treatment and is trying to play catch up before college admissions. It's tuition for the spouse of a Hyundai Cancer Institute patient who put their life on hold to be by their partner's side but is now returning to college. It's the additional assistance these students need to achieve their educational aspirations - to be the best version of themselves they can be.


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