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We’re Here to Help You Fundraise


Thank you for taking the first step and creating a CHOC Raise Up fundraising page!  We are here to offer you the support you need to reach your goals.  Remember, every dollar you raise through your fundraiser will make an enormous impact for the thousands of children who receive care from CHOC in and around our community. It starts with you!

Fundraising Tools

Together we can make a difference in the lives of children. Please review our Fundraising Guidelines and download your Fundraising Toolkit for everything you need to get started.

Fundraising Guidelines
Livestreaming Guidelines
Fundraising Toolkit
Outside Benefit Safety Guidelines

We also have free templates that you can personalize and print for your fundraiser. Download them below.

Directional Arrow Templates
Table Sign Templates
Goal Thermometer Templates
Invite Templates
Thank You Template

Steps For Success

Start a Fundraiser

Your fundraiser should be unique to you. Which type of fundraiser speaks to you? Do you have a milestone around the corner, or do you want to hold an event? Maybe you want to show appreciation to a CHOC care team or want to give meaning to a 5K. Whatever it is, pick something fun that you’ll enjoy!

Donate to Your Page

Donating to your own fundraiser shows that you are not only asking for support, but you are also giving support. It demonstrates your commitment, encourages others to follow your lead and will help motivate your community to support you.

Share on Social Media

Spread Your Message

Share your story about why you are choosing to raise funds for CHOC. People love to see their friends making a positive impact and want to help make a difference in the community. Sharing on your social channels allows you to reach a larger audience in less time.


Start With Gratitude

Send a message or tag individuals who have donated to your fundraiser to thank them for their generosity. Expressing appreciation by giving a shout-out to your donors shows them you are grateful for their support, and how together you are making a difference!


Mix It Up

Communicating with your audience is not just about asking for donations. You can post updates on your fundraiser, share news about CHOC and communicate other information that’ll inspire your supporters. Posting photos and videos is also a great way to bring your campaign to life.


Be Short and Sweet

Use numbers, quotes or fun facts that your friends and family can share on social media. Give updates on your progress with posts like, “Two Days Left to Donate!” or “We’re halfway to our goal!” to help keep your supporters engaged and informed.


Connect to the Larger Community

Become a part of our larger CHOC fundraising community by adding our hashtags to your social media posts: #CHOCRaiseUp #forCHOC. Your Instagram posts will populate at the bottom of our CHOC Raise Up home page for all to see. Welcome to our growing circle of individuals seeking to make an impact in children’s health every day!


Email Family, Friends and Colleagues

Tell Your Story

Everyone has a personal reason why they fundraise for CHOC. Maybe you’re a grateful family or you know a CHOC patient, or maybe you just like helping kids; whatever your connection, let your story shine! You can inspire others to give to your cause by sharing why you have chosen to support CHOC.


Show Your Impact

Whether you choose to fundraise for a specialty area or help all kids at CHOC, let your supporters know that each dollar raised will have a great impact on the thousands of children that visit CHOC each year.


Thank and Send Updates

Let your supporters know how much their help means to you. Send a personal thank you message to each of your donors or give them a shout-out on social media. Acknowledge that together you can make a big difference.

Keep your friends and family engaged by communicating fundraising milestones, the number of days left to donate, and any other information that will help motivate your network to connect to your cause.