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Movie Theater Magic at CHOC

We are #LeoStrong

We are #LeoStrong

Leo, who also has autism spectrum disorder, loves having a routine. Once he had his first visit to the second floor at CHOC in the movie theater it immediately integrated to his daily routine.

Every day at 2:00pm to be exactly, Leo would make his way through the nurses’ station on 5 South to pick-up his pass to go downstairs to watch his movie. Greeted by the friendliest nurses & staff they all asked which movie he would watch and his reply was always between two movies: Incredibles 2 or Toy Story 2!

This space for Leo enabled him to create a routine that I can say helped cope with the new challenges of moving his entire world to a hospital since his diagnosis. As his family we also benefited from that space knowing that for that time the movie ran we saw a smile on Leo’s face that we so desperately yearned for. Leaving behind the medical side of our new lives for a couple of hours really did allow us to cope with our new reality.

The movie theater has done so much for us that we want to give back in any way. More families will be able to make some beautiful memories stepping into movie magic with their loved ones. In partnership with the Lollipop Theater Network, CHOC shows movies and hold movie screenings of new releases on TV and in theaters. The theater includes high-quality projection and sound, 12 chairs with space to add chairs and have patients watch from wheelchairs or beds, and movie posters around the room to provide a real cinematic feel for movie-goers like our family. The movie theater is part of the hospital’s Child Life Department, which helps patients and their families like ours cope with hospital life with activities such as the hospital’s radio station, playrooms and pet therapy.

All Child Life programs are funded exclusively through philanthropy, which means we are counting on generous donations from our friends and family to help grow special spaces like the Lollipop Theater at CHOC. Every dollar of your tax-deductible donation will go to support CHOC's Child Life Department to benefit the Lollipop Theater open to all families at CHOC.

Your donation could support gifts like:
- $5 – Movie Snacks like individually wrapped bags of popcorn, candy or beverages
- $25 – Sensory-specific toys for guests like pop-its, fidget spinners
- $50 – Headset for sound-sensitive guests
- $75 - Weighted Blanket
- $100 – Sponsor a Snack Station in the Theater
- $500 – Sponsor Holiday ot Themed Decoration in the Theater
- $1,000 – Sponsor Family
Lunch/Dinner in the Theater
- $5,000 – Sponsor a Snack Station for One Year

Thank you Reyes Coca-Cola for your support of Leo, our family, and all who are #LeoStong at


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