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William "Bean" Pfeffer

William "Bean" Pfeffer

William "Bean" Pfeffer

Please help us support CHOC Children's Urology by making a contribution to our fundraiser. Every dollar we raise will advance CHOC Urology's great treatment and research cause!

As you all know William (nicknamed "Willie the Kidney Bean" in the CHOC NICU, now just "Bean") has had a very close relationship with Dr. Khoury and the entire CHOC Urology team. Dr. Khoury's years of research and experience allowed him to provide William with superior level of care. Dr. Khoury knew when he needed to be aggressive with surgeries/treatment and when to be patient, letting William grow/mature. This has allowed William to truly thrive as a young boy and preserve/improve his kidney function. It was not easy on Mom and Dad but Dr. Khoury and his amazing NP Christina Chalmers were there for all the questions and concerns. Dr. Khoury's continued research and pursuit of advanced treatment for ALL CHILDREN makes a far-reaching impact and we are one of thousands of families to benefit.

Please mark your calendars for March 2022 (Post Covid) when we will start our annual fundraising golf tournament "The Bean"!


Thank you for your continued love and support through William's journey.

Love, All the Pfeffers and Mannings

Together, we can make a difference!



Happy and recovering!!!


Thank you everyone for your support! William just got back great bloodwork showing his kidneys are working hard, STABLE and growing with him!



Dr. Khoury's artwork.

All smile always!



Happy 2nd Birthday William!


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