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Garden Grove High School CHOC Club



Welcome to GGHS Choc's fundraising page. As a club under Choc, we aim to contribute service to our community through volunteering and fundraisers in order to raise funds for Autism under the Choc Foundation. With every dollar made through our fundraisers, families and children are getting better access to resources needed to advance their living through the struggles of ASD. Please help us achieve our fundraising goal by contributing to our fundraisers, and spreading our club purpose to family events!

Get involved! Together, we can make a difference! DM us on instagram for any questions! :)

10/28/22 We had our very first fundraiser of the year! :0 It was a successful turnout at 7leaves! Special thanks to our members coming out & getting boba for a good cause! 🧸🧋

From 10/17 - 10/28 GGHS CHOC hosted a donation event to make Halloween Baskets, filled with sensory based need items, to donate to CHOC's Thompson Autism Center! We were able to bring enough items to make 30 baskets! Thank you Chocos, we love you 💙

10/8/22 This was our first off-campus volunteering event of the year! We appreciate and thank our members for helping out at the UCI Anti-Cancer Run! Members passed out water or helped with check ins! See everyone back at UCI in December! <3


9/17/22 Biggest thank you to our cute Chocos that came out on campus to volunteer at 101st Alumni Celebration! 🧺 Hope you guys had fun volunteering along seeing our Argonaut Alumni! Stay tuned for our next event at UCI! 💙

9/1/22 Such an amazing turnout at GGHS Choc's club rush! Shockingly, over 200 members applied! We are so excited for what this year has in store! 🧸💙 🤍


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