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Fundraising for CHOC in Honor of Those Struggling with Mental Health and Major Depressive Disorder

The Seattle Ferocity

The Seattle Ferocity

-Who is CHOC?
CHOC, or Children's Health of Orange County, is a World-Class Destination for Children's Health. CHOC’s growing community includes two state-of-the-art hospitals in Orange and Mission Viejo and a regional network of primary and specialty care clinics serving children and families in four counties. CHOC offers several clinical programs of excellence providing the highest levels of care for the most serious pediatric illnesses and injuries, physical and mental. CHOC’s research and innovation institutes are focused on translating real patient needs into real-world treatments so every child can live the heathiest and happiest life possible.

Since our humble beginnings in 2019, the Seattle Ferocity has always taken pride in spearheading efforts towards supporting player mental health within the ever-growing industry of Esports. We believe that support for those most vulnerable starts with speaking up from everyone and anyone, and so today we want to do our part and shout louder than ever before. As an organization, we continue to stand tall in ongoing support for those who may feel pressured to speak out. Today, tomorrow, and forever, Ferocity will fight for those in need of a helping hand.

Through our partnership with CHOC, we can proudly say that 100% of donations made through this page will contribute towards youth CHOC's primary care, mental health, and specialty centers located in Southern California.

-A message from our owner:
"Mental health awareness and wellbeing conversations have always been at the forefront of my motivation as an organization owner and former Esports player. At the age of 14 years, a close friend of mine took his own life through an unfortunate act of self-induced harm. I always knew in my heart that I wanted do something in honor of his story and the millions of other kids who shared a similar experience, and so I'm incredibly proud to start a charity on behalf of Ferocity and the growing number of youth struggling with poor personal mental health and major depressive disorder.

Through all the hardships and struggles my friend faced in the weeks leading up to the accident, I always noticed that games brought him an unparalleled feeling of happiness and personal enjoyment. Even through all the conversations he shared of adversity and struggles within his personal life, I remember just as many with laughs and smiles as we played games together from two sides of the country.

Inspired by the joy that gaming brought my friend through times of unrelenting struggle, I started Ferocity with the hope of showing the world how powerful video games can be in bringing people together in a community filled with passion and love for one another. Through its truest form of competition that takes no regard for physical attributes, race, religion, or sexual orientation, Esports can be such an instrumental tool in bringing enjoyment in a world where mental health is an ever-increasing modern and pressing issue. Through the Seattle Ferocity, I hope that my story and my organization can strive to create a new precedent that inspires those struggling with any personal matter that their voice is worth being heard.

With all my heart,

-Hunter King, CEO of the Seattle Ferocity"


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