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In Loving Memory of JT Steves

JT Steves

JT Steves

We ask you to please share your special memories and thoughts of JT. He cherished his family, friendships and fun adventures.

Our son has always been a pillar of strength with a loving & generous heart. He has touched so many people in different ways and will continue to do so. JT’s kindness will guide us though our lives and he will be forever in our hearts.

If you would like to make a small donation, it will go to Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) to their "Greatest Need" fund.

Thank you for all your love, prayers and support!
Love, John & Heather

I miss you so very much. I cherish every moment with you. Remembering your love of BBQ’ing and our “ Mimosa” glasses!💙🌊🙏


Happy Valentine’s Day, my angel. Love & miss you so very much. 💙🌊🙏


February 5, 1996 at 5:26pm you came into this world and blessed us all. How is this possible that we aren’t together as we were for every birthday celebrating in some fun way? We so miss the sound of your voice and laugh, the funny stories you told, hearing “mom” and “dad”, and sharing your life. So many thoughts and memories flood us today, and everyday. We smile through our tears looking at pictures of how you lived and experienced life by the quote below, “No Bad Days”. So many friends and family will send us pictures when they see anything with that has that saying on it. It warms are hearts as we know you are, and always will be, remembered and loved by all. Your gentle spirit, your kindness, and your big heart touched so many people. As you look down on us, know that we are looking up to you missing and loving you. Thank you for sending us signs when we need it most and sending your beautiful light upon us. Happy Birthday JT. We love you and miss you so very much. Until we’re together again….Forever JJH💙🙏🌊

Happy Heavenly Birthday, JT💙🙏🌊


Dana Point January 2024 - Miss you so very much my angel 🙏💙🌊


As we ate our cinnamon rolls, your sunshine came out only on your stone and Japanese Maple. Thank you for being here with us. 💙🙏🌊

Merry Heavenly Christmas to our Angel, JT. Another Christmas, another day, minute, and second without you. We miss all of our Christmas’s traditions together, all the laugher, love, and joy. Remembering our last Dana Point Christmas and going to Harpoon Henry’s and Turks. Some of your favorites. We know you’ve been watching over us and guiding us. This year, we are in Folsom, which we know you sent us here. We have your favorite colored lights and your Christmas tree with the precious ornaments you’ve made. We remember you giving us each ornament and how excited you were. We know you’re laughing at Lincoln in his “sausage Santa outfit”. He’s missing you too as he looks at your Christmas tree. We miss everything single moment with you and love you so very much. Forever JJH. Love Dad & Mom. 💙🙏🌊

Memories of our JT Angel💙🌊🙏


I heard this song today… “I know your up in heaven but damn it hurts like hell, Cause I would be just pretending if I said anything else, And I know that God doesn’t make mistakes, but this sure feels like one, That won’t change the facts, that won’t bring you back, So I’ll cry cause its over, and I’ll smile cause we had you, Packed a whole lot of living even though it ended all to soon, And in time I’ll start healing, but even when I get that feeling, No matter where I go or what I do, I’ll never not remember YOU”… I love & miss you so very much every second of my day. Forever JJH 💙🙏🌊 Love, Mom


In our heart forever and ever 💙🌊🙏


730 days. We miss you every minute and every second of each day. We go to bed praying and talking to you and in the morning when we open our eyes, for a brief moment, we ask if this is all an awful dream. But when we turn to look at your picture, the reality sets in again. We would do anything to hear your voice, hug you, and tell you we love you. We are so very blessed and thankful to have all the incredible memories with you that we think about every day. We do know you are and will always be with us. We are so very proud to be your mom and dad. Until we’re together again….forever JJH💙🙏🌊


Love from Aunt Jen who lit a candle for you in the Pyrenees chapel💙

I never thought I would be spending Mother’s Day without you or any other day. I miss you more than words can express. So many precious memories of our times together. I’m so blessed to have you as my son. Thank you for always giving us signs that you’re with us, just like you did yesterday at Sunsets. Until we’re together… Forever JJH🙏🌊💙


Today we celebrate you, JT, at the most beautiful place, “JT’s Point” and sharing all your favorites. 💙🙏🌊

We heard this song and thought of you. So very hard “Down Home” without you… “I’ll bet you’re up there, making new friends. I’m pretty sure you’re lovin’ every minute. If there’s a golden pond full of fish, I bet you already caught everything in it. I bet you’re making everybody laugh with your jokes. I know your holding nothing but the best kinda hope, shining a light up there with a high ol’ smile…I hate that your gone, I wish you were here, but I hope I’m making you proud, ‘cause I know you’re up there looking down home”…….💙🌊🙏

Laguna Beach Church….🙏

Memories of JT’s First Birthday💙

27 years ago our beautiful son was born. From the moment you entered this world, you gave us so much joy, laughter, and love. So many memories of our time together. You have always been an inspiration to us all with your kindness, determination, and how you experienced life. You are in our thoughts, prayers, and heart every second of the day. We love and miss you so very much. Until we’re together again….Forever JJH….🙏💙🌊


Christmas Love

We have so many memories of our Christmas’s together that we will cherish forever. It’s hard to believe that this is our 2nd Christmas without you, JT…. Everyday is hard to believe. Remembering when you were little running down the stairs to see what Santa brought you, the Christmas parties with friends and family w/ a visit from Santa, watching Christmas Vacation as a family on Christmas Eve( and belly laughing each time), matching PJs, Cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, and best of all being together as a family. Your excitement, love, and joy warm our hearts. We miss your smile, your jokes, your cooking/BBQ’in, Happy Hours, your kindness, hearing your voice, and everything in between. Everything reminds us of you and something that we all did together. We are so lucky that we shared so much with you. You’re our guiding light, sunrise, and sunset. We are so proud of everything you accomplished and the way your experienced life. We are so blessed to have you as our son. Words can’t express how much we love and miss you! Forever in our hearts and forever JJH💙🙏🌊

Christmas Joy


JT’s first Christmas with Grandma & Grandad in Annapolis!💙


It’s hard to believe that our JT left us over 14 months ago. We miss him every second of the day. Below are some pictures of “JT’s Point” in Dana Point. It is such a special place for us and everytime we visit, we feel JT’s love and presence. JT, you are loved by so many and they keep you in their hearts just as we do. Your friends continue to reach out with their love and support just as our friends/family do. Our dear friend, Joanne, walked in your name for a charity called “Walk for your Angel”. Kelly, another dear friend from NoCal, stopped by your point when visiting and surrounded your name with a heart. We know you are here with us and you are always in our hearts. We miss and love you immensely. Forever JJH🙏💙🌊

Forever in our hearts…

1 year ago on August 3rd our JT went to heaven to be with God. We were in his favorite place, Mammoth, together. We do not understand the why’s but we do know he is in a beautiful place. JT, we are so blessed to be your mom and dad. You’re our sunshine and guiding light. Every day you remind us that your with us. We hear your voice and feel your presence. Memories flood our thoughts as we smile at the times together and cry missing you so much. We love you so very much. Until we are all together again….Forever JJH🌊💙🙏


June Lake - August 1, 2021 - Taken by JT


I am blessed to have you as my son and miss you more than words can express. The moment you were born I was the proudest dad and I knew you would be amazing.I will cherish forever all our times together. Remembering Cancun, Mammoth, golfing, motorcycle riding, playing “DJ” at home and best of all just hanging out. You brought so much joy and happiness to all. Your amazing lust for life and happiness will never be forgotten. I know you will always be with us and watching over us. “Give Heaven Some Hell” until we’re all together again. I love you, Dad. Forever JJH💙🌊🙏

Loving memories with your grandad. You are his pride and joy! 💙🙏🌊


Today as every day, my thoughts and heart are with you. Thank you for all the memories of our adventures together that I will cherish forever. Remembering our vacations, road trips, craft beer tours, weekend fun days, and best of all just being with you. As we would of today together, Dad and I are having mimosas in our “mimosa glass” at your point in Dana Point. I am so blessed to be your mom. I miss you and love you so very much. Forever JJH💙🙏🌊

Special memories today with your Grandma’s and Great-Nana. So much love! 💙🙏🌊


On this Good Friday, we shared a sunset with JT over “JT’s Point”. We will never know the “why’s” or the reason for this journey but we do know JT is with us every moment of the day and in our hearts forever. He continues to make his presence known to us whether it’s in a dream, a song, a sunset, or a lone whale passing by his point. His light will forever shine in all of us. We love and miss you so very much, JT! Love forever & ever, Dad & Mom💙🌊🙏


On March 12th we celebrated JT’s amazing, far to short, life with the love and support of our family and friends. We cried, laughed, shared stories, and strengthened the bond of friendship that was so very important to JT. We gathered in unity for a group picture and to release 25 balloons with messages in memory of our JT as the song “Give Heaven Some Hell” played. The slide show below magnifies JT’s love of life and to have “No Bad Days”. We are truly blessed to have had all the incredible memories with JT. We know JT was with us as he is every day. JT, our life will never be the same and we miss you immensely. You are our sunshine, our best friend, and guardian angel. Forever JJH. Love you always, Dad & Mom


26 years ago we were blessed with our beautiful son. He is our pride and joy. His love for life, kindness for others, and determination will remain with us always. JT will continue to touch our lives and forever be in our hearts. Happy Birthday T-Man, we love you, Dad & Mom


Today is 6 months since we lost our JT. We miss him more than words can say but know he is by our side every moment. He is our guardian angel giving us strength and love. John took this picture of Lincoln and me on Christmas morning at “JT’s Point” in Dana Point. As we sat down, the clouds parted and the sun came out in the distance. We know that was JT sharing the moment with us. We love you, JT!


Through JT’s guidance and his love of the ocean, we scattered his ashes on November 7th off the coast of Dana Point with our beloved friends and family. We miss JT every second of our day but we know he is watching over all of us. We love you so very much T-Man. Love, Dad & Mom


We sincerely thank you for your loving words and generous support in honor of our JT. Through these donations, he will be helping children in need. CHOC treats over 200,000 children, providing more than $47 million in uncompensated care to families without insurance or with inadequate coverage. Please continue to keep JT in your prayers. Love, John & Heather

One of JT’s favorite time of day and places to be.


A day at Dana Point

Easter Brunch

Birthday in Texas

Enjoying Christmas

Skydiving into 18!

Go Ducks!!!

Fishing in Texas

Trip to Japan

Lake Crowley, Mammoth

June Lake adventures with Lincoln.


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