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In Loving Memory of JT Steves

JT Steves

JT Steves

We ask you to please share your special memories and thoughts of JT. He cherished his family, friendships and fun adventures.

Our son has always been a pillar of strength with a loving & generous heart. He has touched so many people in different ways and will continue to do so. JT’s kindness will guide us though our lives and he will be forever in our hearts.

If you would like to make a small donation, it will go to Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) to their "Greatest Need" fund.

Thank you for all your love, prayers and support!
Love, John & Heather

Through JT’s guidance and his love of the ocean, we scattered his ashes on November 7th off the coast of Dana Point with our beloved friends and family. We miss JT every second of our day but we know he is watching over all of us. We love you so very much T-Man. Love, Dad & Mom


We sincerely thank you for your loving words and generous support in honor of our JT. Through these donations, he will be helping children in need. CHOC treats over 200,000 children, providing more than $47 million in uncompensated care to families without insurance or with inadequate coverage. Please continue to keep JT in your prayers. Love, John & Heather

One of JT’s favorite time of day and places to be.


A day at Dana Point

Easter Brunch

Birthday in Texas

Enjoying Christmas

Skydiving into 18!

Go Ducks!!!

Fishing in Texas

Trip to Japan

Lake Crowley, Mammoth

June Lake adventures with Lincoln.


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