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In Memory of Gloria, aka Mama B

In Memory of Gloria

In Memory of Gloria

Welcome to our page for donations to CHOC Children's in memory of our dear Gloria Roble Bartoloni.

As you all know, Gloria loved to help kids. Her 40 years of teaching elementary schools, as well as her constant support of children of her friends and family members, made that evident every day. She loved teaching kids all about reading, art, music, science, and social studies!

Before her passing, we asked her where she would like donations to go. She specifically said CHOC because they are always helping kids. Years ago, she had a student who was a patient at CHOC for a while and she was so glad she could visit him there. She was impressed by the various ways CHOC supported children (and their families).

We've decided to dedicate the funds made in her honor to two sectors of CHOC -

1. Child Life - this sector of CHOC is dedicated to making kids and their families as comfortable as possible during their stay. Children can have music therapy, pet therapy, reading, art - all kinds of things that make them feel more at home. As a caring teacher, Gloria would have been so happy to help make a child feel more safe and loved.

2. Research - Gloria was always looking ahead at the latest information and technology. She loved to see new advancements in medical care, and the Research Institute at CHOC is working hard on multiple studies to help kids moving forward.

Any contributions you can make in her honor are greatly appreciated.

Together, we can all remember Mama B and make a difference in the lives of children in need.

With Love,

Dina, Charlie and Nicola

Gloria and Dina in her classroom, 1990

Gloria with her principal and Dina, 1990

Gloria with her Kindergarten class, 1990


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