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My CHOC Fundraising Page

Toys for CHOC kids

Toys for CHOC kids

Thank you for visiting my page! I am running a fundraiser to raise money to buy toys for kids at CHOC. My goal is $2500. Every dollar that is donated will be put towards toys. Because of COVID restrictions I am unable to collect toys to donate. Instead, the staff of CHOC will purchase the toys with the raised money. I am doing this because I spent a lot of time at CHOC in the past. The games and toys in the rooms made the waiting a lot easier and less stressful. Please consider donating by pressing the donate button on the side to help the kids at CHOC.

Over halfway to reaching my goal! Thank you for the support.


I am making progress in reaching my goal. Thank you for supporting me and the kids at CHOC!


raised of $2,500 goal
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