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CHOC Coast 2 Course 5K Run

CHOC Coast 2 Course 5K Run

Please help our Orangetheory Fitness Studio in Dana Point support CHOC patients battling heart conditions by registering for our 5K Run/ Walk.

When: Saturday, August 26 at 7am

Where: at the Orangetheory Fitness Studio in Dana Point

Details: The minimum donation to participate in our 5K (Special Edition Race T-Shirt Included!) is $35. Once you register, text the studio a screen shot of your donation at 949.617.2717. If you do not wish to participate in the 5K but would still like to donate, please do so above!

Our Goal is to Raise 5K!


Behind the Heartbeat

After finishing a summer of vigorous at-home training, I arrived to campus in peak shape for my first collegiate cross country season. My two older brothers moved me in. We all made the decision to trade our picturesque Southern California landscape for the brutal winters in the suburbs of Chicago. We had a few days before the start of school, and I finally got to meet my new team. I could not be more excited to swap my solo runs for group runs as soon as we all cleared our pre-season physicals.

When I went in to meet with the team doctor during my physical, she pressed a stethoscope to my back and went on to ask how long I've had a heart murmur. That was the first time I had heard of the murmur. My doctor said that she cannot clear me to perform until we understand more about what is going on with my heart. The next few months I had blood tests, an EKG, carried around an ECG, met with a Cardiologist, and still was unable to run with my team.

After the extensive testing, my Cardiologist was able to rule out any serious conditions. He discovered that I have a bicuspid aortic valve, meaning my aortic valve regulates blood flow through two leaflets rather than the normal three. He let me return to running and officially start my collegiate cross country career, but scheduled routine visits to make sure that my heart stays in good condition.

To this day, when I go in to see my cardiologist, I cannot help but think that I am so fortunate to not be limited in any way. My cardiologist loves following up with me on my training, is thrilled that I am a marathon runner, and is always excited to hear that I continue to monitor my heart rate when I wear my OTBeat in Orangetheory classes.

But, whenever I start to leave the doctor's office, I always see a handful of adults and several children confused and scared about the condition of their own heart.

That is why our studio is holding this race...

Our heartbeat is to raise awareness and funds for children battling various heart conditions. Organizations like CHOC do an incredible job of supporting families and youth as they discover new heart abnormalities or conditions that may limit them in their everyday life. Please partner with us in supporting the incredible staff and medical team at CHOC.

Together, we can continue to give children and their families the chance to experience More Life as they battle and overcome various heart conditions.

What is your Heartbeat!?

~ Cass Rockwell, Orangetheory Fitness Dana Point Studio Manager & Race Director

(Photo: Twin Cities Marathon; Kody Thornburg - Cass's Brother (left); Cass (Right))

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