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Uncle Eddy's Fundraising Page

Support Children's Hospital Orange County

Support Children's Hospital Orange County

TICKETS NOW ON SALE! Hey’s youse didn’t comes to Uncle Eddy’s Italian Picnic and Hilarious Show this summers cause youse was too busy or too’s cheap? Well’s youse in luck cause we’s doing it agains at The Murray Center in Mission Viejo December 5 & Jan 5 w My Mama’s Famous Lasagna! Proceeds from this event support CHOC's greatest needs. Our local children's hospital needs support now more than ever. Additionally, you can make a gift to this fundraising page and help Uncle Eddy and family raise funds to help sick children in need. For more information about Uncle Eddy's Big Shew visit

Youse gonna love it!


Cheers to a great night with Uncle Eddy!

To learn more about CHOC, visit


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