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ODSC MFOG 5th Annual Charity Fundraising Page

ODSC MFOG 83 Charity to CHOC

ODSC MFOG 83 Charity to CHOC

On Sept 27th, ODSC, OSC Solutions, AMZ Labz, First Strike, LAPCO and MFPS donated over 10,500 masks, face shields and hand sanitizer to Children's Hospital of Orange County with a retail value of $7k.
This page is a CHOC fundraiser page for the players in our community that couldn't physically be present ODSC's 5th Annual Charity event, but still like to participate in the great cause.
Please help support CHOC Children's by making a contribution to this fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar you raise will advance CHOC's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!


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