Hannah Rae Luna MacDonald, who was considered by all who knew her to be a bright star, was called home to heaven unexpectedly on Thursday, March 23, 2023. She was 22 years old. Hannah, the only child of Nancy Luna MacDonald and Brady MacDonald, graduated last year from Cornell University and had been working in New York, where she passed peacefully in her sleep after a typical evening of working out at the gym and heading off to bed after making herself dinner. Everyone knew Hannah had a big heart, but what no one could possibly have known is that her heart, which was filled to overflowing with love for all who crossed her path, would give out while she was dreaming. Since Hannah was a little girl, she showed love and compassion for those around her. She used to set up a Lemonade stand growing up to support children with cancer and we want to keep her memory alive by supporting children in need at CHOC. Her mother Nancy put it this way, “The poetic version of that is something we already knew — she’s got a BIG, BIG heart. Perhaps too big for her body to sustain all the electrifying love she had to give to all she encountered.” She will continue to shine brightly in our hearts and, as Nancy has said, she’s everyone’s angel now. Her warmth, wisdom, playfulness and zest for life made a mark on all of us. She lived life to the fullest, chased her dreams, and those dreams were coming true. Her wonderful journey ended much too soon — and we are left only to imagine the happiness, adventures, success and friendships that awaited her. Friends and neighbors in what Nancy calls their Palmyra Village have been lighting candles on their porches in Hannah’s honor. The Palmyra neighborhood is famous for decorating for various holidays and this year Hannah’s neighbors Joel and Mark on Palmyra are honoring her with a beautiful ‘Memento Mori’ theme (Remember Death). Thank you for your generosity as well as your prayers, Hannah is happy to know that she continues to love and serve those in need.