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Asher's CHOC Fundraising Page

Asher's Birthday Fundraiser

Asher's Birthday Fundraiser

For my birthday this year, I have again decided to ask my friends and family NOT to give me gifts but instead, to donate what they would've spent on a gift to CHOC.

I’m hoping to raise $10,000 for CHOC by the time I turn 18! That’s only $1,000 a year. Will you help me reach my goal?

Why would a kid give up gifts to raise funds for a hospital?

Well, first of all, because I have so much already and I don't NEED more.

That doesn't mean there's nothing I want. I’m dying for an Oculus! If I could find a way to get unlimited Robux, V-bux, and any other technology-related thing in the world, I would! But those are things I want, not things I NEED.

More than anything else, I want to be able to help other kids with Fevers of Unknown Origin like I had for over two full years. For them and their parents, knowing why FUOs happen, and then treating them, is the biggest need ever.

I have been very blessed to have some of the best healthcare around and my doctors at CHOC have worked hard to find out why I had this crazy fever. We still can’t believe that I had a fever from over 102• - 106.7• from July 8th 2020 until sometime in 2022, and we still don't know why!

Even though my parents and I still don't have answers for why I had such a high fever, I am grateful to be feeling much better with the help of my amazing doctors.

But there are other kids who also have fevers and are still feeling really icky. I want to do what I can to help other kids feel better too. So for my birthday, please contribute to CHOC and help me help other kids with fevers!


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