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Children's CHOC Hospital Cancer Center Fundraiser

Anayanzi's First Birthday Celebration

Anayanzi's First Birthday Celebration

As many of you guys know my daughter's first birthday is coming up on October 16th and I want to celebrate her birthday a little different than most people would think. I want to give a gift to those children that are in need at CHOC Children's Hospital at the cancer center. However, I need your help to make this dream come true.

As many of you know I have been truly blessed by having a healthy baby girl and some of you have been blessed as well in different ways. Sometimes we take the small things that matter in life for granted. Because of this, I need your help to put a smile on each and every one of these kids and help me make their day by purchasing a toy and/or a book for them through Amazon:

• CHOC (Orange) Toy Wish List:

• CHOC at Mission (Mission Viejo) Toy Wish List:

• CHOC (Orange) Book Wish List :

Please help me support CHOC by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance CHOC's great cause!

Together, we can make a difference!


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