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Gracie is Turning 1!

Gracie's Birthday Fundraiser for CHOC

Gracie's Birthday Fundraiser for CHOC

Please help Gracie support CHOC by making a contribution to her birthday fundraiser and consider sharing this page with your family and friends!

In September 2023, our sweet Gracie was a surgical patient at CHOC. We are so grateful for the amazing, hands-on support we received from the staff and medical team. While it was a stressful time for mom and dad, our frequent visits to CHOC reminded us how blessed we are to have a happy and healthy little girl. So please help us support the CHOC team and the families who work tirelessly to ensure their children's health and wellbeing!

We have set up Gracie’s campaign to go to CHOC’s “Greatest Needs” - whether it be cancer, child life, neonatology, research, or one of CHOC’s many other deserving funds, your donation will go to where CHOC needs it the most!


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