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In Celebration of Maya Olivia Georgescu



We have been fortunate and blessed with everything Maya could ever want and need.

While we appreciate everyone's love and support, we do not want you to spend your hard earned money on anything.

We are not registered or plan to be registered, and we strongly suggest not getting her anything.

I know everyone visiting this page is happy and exited for us and Maya and understand you want to share in that joy with us.

As a compromise, YOU DON'T HAVE TO, but if you want to you can instead donate anything you choose to the CHOC Foundation we created.

Where your donation is going:
This page is selected for the funds to go to Neonatology at CHOC. The reason we chose this segment of CHOC is due to our first born Mica not being here with us and Maya being in the NICU for being a preemie baby.

Due to our experience in both situations we strongly believe further research and support is needed in this segment of healthcare.

Thank you for all your love and support.


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