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Los Alamitos High School Fold School Philanthropy Club

LAHS Origami for a Cause Club

LAHS Origami for a Cause Club

Welcome to the Origami for a Cause Club at Losal High, formerly known as Foldschool Philanthropy Club! We fold & string origami paper cranes into strands, which we sell to raise donations for CHOC Children's Hospital.

Our Inspiration - Sadako Sasaki's Story:
Sadako Sasaki was two years old when the atom bomb dropped on her city Hiroshima during WWII. She later developed leukemia in 6th grade from the bomb's radiation. Legend says that the gods will grant you a wish if you fold 1000 paper cranes. Despite folding 1000 cranes, she unfortunately passed away. In honor of Sadako, we fold, string, and sell paper cranes to support other children who are battling illnesses in hopes that their wishes come true.

Please help us support CHOC by making a contribution to our fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will go towards the CHOC Foundation.

Helping people one fold at a time!

Celebrating Origami for a Cause's drop off of donations at CHOC!

A special thanks for everyone who helped in our Donation Drive for the CHOC Emergency Department!


Annual Open House Fundraiser 2023! Thank you so much to everyone who supported CHOC Children's Hospital and volunteered to help make the fundraiser a success!


Thank you CHOC Foundation for having us! We were able to raise $510.25 to support Child Life. Thank you to everyone over the past three years who donated to our cause to support CHOC Children's!


Our 1st☀️Summer Sticker Fundraiser☀️! Supplies are LIMITED so check out our purchase form linked below ASAP. ALL proceeds from this fundraiser benefit CHOC. Thank you to our talented members for the amazing designs!

It's back!🎉~ Our annual Open House fundraiser! Once again, thank you for everyone's hard work throughout the year folding and crafting our special crane strands. Together, we raised a total of $267! Way to go—we couldn't have done it without you!

Our first Open House fundraising event back in March 2019! Together, we raised a total of $361.00 by the end of the school year! Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to CHOC!

This is what motivates us. What motivates you?


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