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Family Resource Center Department at CHOC

Family Resource Center Department at CHOC

The Family Resource Center (FRC) at CHOC is an inviting space offering comfort, support, resources, and education to all CHOC patients and families. The goal is to create a sense of normalcy within the hospital setting. It is a warm environment where family members connect and share information with one another. With the generous help of our community, the FRC is able to gift over 20,000 books per year to patients and their families.

Generous support is needed to maintain the program, purchase age-appropriate books and purchase books in the most common spoken languages by CHOC patients, which will increase access to our diverse community.

100% of donations made to this fundraising page go directly to the Family Resource Center at CHOC, and allows the Staff to make meaningful book purchases for children and families served by all of CHOC.

The Family Resource Center at CHOC is located on the 2nd Floor of the Bill Holmes Tower. To learn more about the FRC including ways to volunteer and hours of operation, please contact Rose Ovalle, Program Manager at

“The Resource Center helped me so much during my child's time at CHOC. The positive energy was always a breath of fresh air! Thanks to all for doing what you do!” - Parent at CHOC (Photo taken prior to March 2020)

“Coming to the FRC helped so much during our CHOC journey. Thank you for making so many of our days great! Coming to the FRC everyday gave me something positive to look forward to.” - Parent of CHOC patient (Photo taken prior to March 2020.)


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