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Merry Christmas from

Bainbridge Environmental

Bainbridge Environmental

For over 28 years, Bainbridge Environmental has worked with amazing companies and people throughout the community to provide trusted advice on critical environmental hazmat issues related to the health and safety of building occupants. And as we close the year, we want to show how deeply grateful we are for all the support and continued business partnerships.

In many ways, the pandemic has caused us all to depend more upon one another. In these uncertain times, community and business support is more important than ever. Therefore, as a token of our appreciation to our business partners, this year we have decided to donate to CHOC Hospital on their behalf. As a non-profit hospital, CHOC relies on community support to go above and beyond for patients and families. CHOC treats over 150,000 children annually, regardless of their ability to pay. They are truly dedicated to giving kids the best chance of growing into healthy and happy adults.

Please help us support CHOC Children's by making a contribution and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance CHOC's great cause!

We are proud to have you partner with us as we make the best of this challenging time together. From all of us at Bainbridge, thank you for your continued business and for all that you do for our community.

Together, we can make a difference!

To learn more about our environmental consulting services, please visit our website at


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