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My #forCHOC Fundraising Page

Irma’s Savvy Nails for CHOC

Irma’s Savvy Nails for CHOC

Welcome! Thank you for partnering with me in Changing a life one smile at a time threw the gift of giving. People helping people together we can make a difference in this world! Your charity donation help families going through hardships. At least 60% of children can NOT afford care but need medical attention as CHOC treats over 150,000 annually. Their goal is to treat these children to grow into healthy adults! Every dollar we raise will help CHOC great cause in advancement, care and research!

Share this page with your family and friends and by making a contribution it will help us support CHOC’s children! Every dollar we raise will advance CHOC’s great cause! And by doing this you will make a difference in a child’s LIFE!

“Power is no blessing in itself, but when it is employed to protect the innocent.”


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